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Concept for a Multiuser Immersive Experience
Ft. Ancient Visualizer

Visualizer of Historical Virtual Site
Comic in VR

Look at Chris Ware's Building Stories in VR
360 MockUp Self Driving Car

Self Driving Car using 360 Video Projection
Stormy Clouds

Storm Inspired VR Project
An Occurance at Blackberry Bridge

Interactive 360 project
Welcome Traveler

Unity Game
Room Configurations

360 to 3D in Aframe
OSU Compilation

Compilation of Projects

Design Notes and Process

Link to Design Journal

Here is a look into our design process.


Immersive Experience Designers and Creators

We are a creative and inventive VR/AR/XR design and development team. Our interests are in immersive design for human-computing solutions in simulation, entertainment, and education.

We have designed VR/ AR projects for such platforms as Vive, Oculus, Android, iOS and WebXR. We have experience in scripting, 3D model creation and game design/ development


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